‘A man full of emotions cannot survive in politics’, actor Sonu Sood in Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’

Sonu Sood in Aap Ki Adalat

Sonu Sood made many big revelations related to his life in Rajat Sharma’s special show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ on India TV. On Rajat Sharma’s question that Amitabh Bachchan went into politics but came back after a few years and said that ‘politics is a dirty drain’, Sonu Sood replied – “As much as I have experienced, people point fingers. People say that if you want to make it into this world, you have to keep your back strong because people compliment your back and stab you on it. I think if you listen to people who point fingers, So you can survive, but if you’re too full of emotion, I don’t think everyone can survive here.”

The way Sonu Sood arranged buses, trains, flights, oxygen cylinders and medicines for the common people during the Covid pandemic and lockdown has been highly appreciated. Sonu Sood said, “I got huge offers (from political parties), posts that take years to reach, even offers for Rajya Sabha, but I felt that I am not ready for that. It is time, unless there is enthusiasm from inside, to do that, I should not take this plunge (in politics), so I said, I should not. Many said that what you are offering, the whole life of people goes to get it, but my goals in life were, and still are, different.”

Rajat Sharma – Priyanka Gandhi called you?

Sonu Sood – “Exactly, Priyanka ji did it, in fact she did it first and said that she is doing very good work. Smriti Irani ji also called me, boosted me up, said, just keep the good work going, so this No matter what, you think you’re on the right track.”

Rajat Sharma – See the statements of many Chief Ministers, Captain Amarinder Singh was the Chief Minister of Punjab, Rawat was the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand at that time, Chief Minister of Orissa, everyone tweeted in praise.

Sonu Sood –“Exactly. When I started flights. The first flight that took off in India. It was in a place near Kochi, Ernakulam, where there were about 170 girls working in a stitching factory who were stuck. I did a special night flight for them. Got permission. Brought him from Ernakulam to Kochi at 3:30 in the night, I got permission at 1:30 in the morning to open the airport. And I brought him from Kochi to Bhubaneswar, (Naveen) Patnaik, sir, who is the CM there K, he said thank you so much for serving 170 girls, everyone appreciated it. That kept me going.” You can see Sonu Sood in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ once more in the repeat telecast of the show at 10 am today.

Sonu Sood

Image Source : INDIA TV

Sonu Sood in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’.

Rajat Sharma – But those who are politicians, they do not appreciate anyone without benefit.

Sonu Sood – “But this time, it was an exception, it was their greatness that they acknowledged that I was doing right. I just kept saying thank you with folded hands.”

When Rajat Sharma asked from where did he get the money to send so many laborers and students home during the lockdown, Sonu Sood’s answer was – “When I started, I knew the level of demand people are coming. , you can’t last even two days. I thought how to add to this. So all the brands I was working on, I put them on donations. I gave hospitals, doctors, colleges, teachers, pharmaceutical companies, every person Engaged in this work. I said, my brand presence is needed, I will work for free, so they kept joining and the work was done automatically. Some big NGOs called me, said that Sonu country’s population is 130 crores, you survive Will not be able to, I said, who comes under my house, so I cannot refuse him. Today, from Jammu to Kanyakumari, in any small district or small state, anywhere, whatever you say, I will I can teach someone, I can get someone treated, I can get someone a job, you make a call, I will get it done.”

Rajat Sharma – Arranging bus, train for so many people, then you wrote on your website that 4 thousand students were brought from Kurdistan, Kazakhstan, all of them came by aeroplane, this is not a cheap job?

Sonu Sood – “Students who were able to afford, gave their ticket money, it is not that I gave tickets to everyone, I said those who can afford, do it, and if they cannot, then we will make arrangements, we will bring them, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Palestine, Russia, no flights were flying from there, offices of these countries, ambassadors to these countries, I did not leave anyone, I used to do only this work for 24 hours. In. Yes, sab aap hota tha, lage bhi bahut funds, but many people paid (paid) themselves.”

Rajat Sharma – You are saying that 400-500 people come outside your house every day, everyone has different demands, how to get them fulfilled, some say, get a house built, some say, I give you a tractor. . There is an expense on everything.

Sonu Sood – “There is an expense. Some time ago I went to Dubai. There a person came to the immigration, said, I am the director of such and such a hospital, can I take a selfie with you, and then he said that you have a bone in our Bangalore. Had marrow transplant done, and in Kerala you had given someone’s liver transplant, you had given money for that, we want to make you our brand ambassador. The next day he met and asked how much would be your fee, I said, you have the best If surgery is done, my fee is zero, you sponsor me 50 liver transplants. One liver transplant costs 28 lakh rupees. They sponsored 50 liver transplants for me, which is 12.5 crores. Till now we have 19 liver transplants. Have got the transplant done. Today I am sitting on the national media, I want to say that any person who cannot afford call me, I will get it done. Can’t get 28 lakh operation done, if anyone needs it in future also, we will get it done.”

Rajat Sharma – Told someone, give me a tractor, you said, it will be done, someone says get the roof of the house made, you say it will be done the day after tomorrow, someone said get my transplant done, you say, it will be done next week, so soon Even God doesn’t listen?

Sonu Sood – “Only God listens to that, sir. I am just a means to get it done.”

Rajat Sharma – I see on your website how many people you have got transplanted, heart operation done, you are superman or Robin Hood, you loot from someone and give it to someone.

Sonu Sood – “I am a common man, sir. When we connected with about seven and a half lakh people during Kovid, I still have all of them with their Aadhaar cards or their lists, they were poor people, sir. So when we So the passion was different among those people, that Sonu bhai, you have helped us, so we will work together with you, and when we started providing medicines, gave injections during the time of Kovid, then people filed a case against me. We had also told that we do not get medicines, we don’t know from where we are getting them, so these poor people used to go 50-60 kms by taking cycles, saying that Sonu Bhaiya had said and he had helped us. Some people didn’t even know how to type, a photo used to come, the oximeter was attached to such a finger, it used to tell that it is 52. We used to get that work done at night also. The network that was connected during that time, Still connected today, those people who are in trouble themselves, and those people go there because they know what trouble is.”

When Rajat Sharma said that his company received a donation of Rs 12.5 lakh in 2020-21 and a donation of Rs 20 crore between April and September in 2021, Sonu Sood’s reply was – “Fiza has changed so much that people have seen it.” That I am helping, and in that 80% donation is my own. As many big brands as I did, I told them, you donate. I have all the documents, each and every thing. Here is the document, I signed that You donate against anything, donate directly to the college, do it anywhere. 80% of those donations came from my own donations. It happened because people began to believe that this guy, if we Even if you give money, it will go to the right place. I said, you do one thing, give it to such-and-such hospital. You talk to Apollo, Max Hospital. Wherever people used to invite me, I used to say, Give me a cheque, I will get one or the other treated. Checks used to be kept in advance for treatment, we used to send only patients there. So it kept piling up. But sir, Kuber There is no such treasure, which will last for the whole life. I try to keep connecting, reach maximum people. I would just like to say that in 20 years, I have done around 100 films in different languages, even if I collect all of them, it is not even 1% of that. This world is wonderful, sir. ,

Regarding the survey conducted by the Income Tax Department for 3 days in September, 2021 at Sonu Sood’s place in Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Delhi and Gurugram, Sonu Sood said that the Income Tax Department did not find anything objectionable.

Sonu Sood said -” They came at 5:50-6 in the morning, I told them, Welcome, the days you stay here for 2 days, 4 days, it will be the best experience of your life. When you go, you will say that it’s fun Did not come anywhere else. They were surprised to see that there was no lock in the cupboard and drawer of my house. There was no lock on the door of my house. We open the house door in the morning, whoever has to come Yes, he comes inside. So he said, this is a very wonderful place.

Rajat Sharma – But the report sent by the people of Income Tax after leaving, the Department of Revenue of the Central Board of Direct Taxes says that in the investigation of Income Tax, it was found that bogus entries of tax evasion were found in the companies of actor Sonu Sood and cash Instead checks were issued.

Sonu Sood – “Even today we are giving each and every document, as I said, they have full right to do whatever, but we have submitted all the documents and even today I am sitting in front of you because somewhere Will be fine. As I said, he did his job, I’m doing mine.”

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