Attack on PM Modi abroad, is Rahul Gandhi really wise?


Awadhesh Kumar

America There was bound to be an uproar in India on Rahul Gandhi’s statements during the visit. Not only did the BJP not like his statements, many in the country also feel that such things should not be said abroad. On the other hand, many people are also supporting Rahul’s words. These people say that Rahul is the leader of the opposition. That’s why he will criticize the government. Then how to see these statements of Rahul Gandhi?

Before reaching any conclusion in this matter, some important points of famous statements of Rahul Gandhi should be considered.

  • The way you (Muslims) are being attacked, I can guarantee that Sikhs, Christians, Dalits, Adivasis are also feeling the same.
  • The normal tools of politics in India are no longer working. The things we need for politics are being controlled by the BJP and the RSS. People are being threatened, agencies are being used (for their own benefit).
  • They (BJP) tried their best to stop our Bharat Jodo Yatra. They used police and agencies.
  • I am the first person to get maximum punishment for defamation. My MP has gone. I was speaking on the Hindenburg Report and Adani.
  • Rahul Gandhi is the top leader of the second party from the center to the states after the BJP. His statements on foreign soil should reflect the image of a responsible Indian leader.
  • No one can call his opposition to BJP, Sangh, Narendra Modi unnatural. But in Rahul’s case, the talk is not limited to opposing Modi or the government.
  • When he talks about violence and persecution of Dalits, Sikhs, Adivasis along with Muslims abroad, the message that goes out is that the same thing is happening in India right now. This increases the power of those foreign powers, who are doing this kind of propaganda against India.
  • Last month, a US commission had requested to keep India in the category of a country of concern for minorities, whereas India does not have such a situation.
  • Have the Congress people thought that if these forces quote Rahul Gandhi in their report and demand to blacklist India as a country that persecutes minorities, then what will they answer?

Although Rahul Gandhi said that we have not come here to seek help from anyone. This is our fight and we are fighting. Similarly, in the case of the Russia-Ukraine war, he said that our policy on this is the same as that of the Modi government. But on the other hand, he presented such a scary picture of India, as if democracy and constitutional rule have ended here. The government with fascist thinking is working and media, judiciary are all under its control. I am giving four examples of this here.

  • First, the common man does not hate anyone. Doesn’t think of killing anyone. These are the few people who have control over the system.
  • Second, the media and propaganda machinery is in the hands of the government. The BJP is going to lose the elections ahead, but the Indian media will say that this will not happen.
  • Third, the BJP has captured the institutions. We are fighting in a democratic way.
  • Fourth, the drama of abolishing the membership of Parliament actually started six months ago. We were fighting.

Has the freedom of the media been abolished by the central government and the BJP governments in the states? Didn’t most media polls show Congress ahead of BJP before Karnataka elections? Did Rahul lose his parliament membership because of alleging government’s nexus with Adani? The answer to all these questions is no. But it seems from Rahul’s words that the court gave its verdict against him out of fear of the government. Is India’s image not being tarnished abroad by his words?

Overseas Congress is organizing his public tours to project Rahul as the strongest opposition leader in the world against Narendra Modi. Today the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is more than that of any other leader in the world. The Congress misrepresents two-three things said by the Prime Minister to derive their own meaning.

Why is Modi popular

If he investigates deeply, he will come to know that Modi not only presented positive pictures of changes in India during his government on the foreign platform, but also kept his thoughts about the problems of the world. That’s why he is being considered as a visionary leader. As far as BJP’s defeat in Himachal and Karnataka is concerned, the party lost because of factionalism. Even today there is a sense of respect and reverence among the BJP workers and leaders towards Narendra Modi. The eternal enmity of Rahul Gandhi, his strategists and the handlers of the Overseas Congress towards Narendra Modi, BJP and the Sangh Parivar is understandable, but projecting a bad image of the country abroad and making the leader a villain will not earn them respect. On the contrary, Rahul will be considered as a weak leader.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.


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