Box File Super

  • DTL Company presents amazing files which satisfy the need of the office to keep paperwork together that don’t necessarily need to be kept in a normal file.
  • They’re perfect for situations where you have lots of different kinds and sizes of paperwork that needs to be kept together, and with their nice chunky dimensions, there’s room for plenty of it. Put nice clear descriptions on the label and they’re good to stack, put on shelves or keep in drawers for ready reference.
  • File protects your documents and keep them organized. Use this document file folder to organize your reports, documents, artworks, homework and class assignments, lists, home and medical files, or other punched documents file is made from good-quality polypropylene and therefore a durable choice, and features metal bound edges that protect it from tearing.
  • Each file comes with a useful thumb hole which allows you to easily remove the file from a shelf. Safeguards your Documents Lever arch cardboard box file with steel clip and steel thumb grip. 100% Recycled premium grade cardboard binded by laminated art paper on the outside. Stores upto 400-500 papers depending on paper thickness.
  • Made from heavyweight 100% recycled boar