Cipzer Sharbat Zoofa Murrkab | Removes Toxins From Lung – 200 Ml

Cipzer Sharbat Zoofa Murrkab 200ml

SHARBAT ZOOFA MURRAKAB which is a natural lung cleaner that removes the toxins from your lungs and restores normal breathing. Made using a perfect blend of natural herbs, this syrup is good for reducing respiratory discomfort to facilitate free breathing. This syrup protects your lungs from the damaging effects of air pollution and smoke and hence is a good addition to your daily life.


  • Improves Breathing Capacity: A number of infectious substances reach our lungs on a day to day basis and might cause serious harm to it that might create troubles in breathing. This natural detox for lungs helps improve respiratory discomforts and may promote free breathing.
  • Detox Lungs: A perfect blend of ayurvedic formulas that keeps your lungs healthy which prevents the lungs against growing air pollution and smoke and brings down the damage that is caused to the lungs tulsi contains a lot of antioxidants and other nutrients, which helps your immune system by protecting it from growing pollution and smoke.
  • Beneficial in cold, cough, tonsils, sore throat and bronchial disorders. Provides relief from smoker’s cough. This natural detox shows rapid effects and improvements in the health at this time of this rapidly increasing pollution.
  • Strengthen Lungs: Helps in removing tar & mucus from lungs lead to healthy breathing. Mulethi can be a beneficial at for all kind of breathing and health issues.

Ingredients: Post-e-Halela Kabli, Post-e-Balela, Aamla, Halela Siyah, Turbud, Bisfayej, Aftimoon, Ustukhuddus, Qand safaid

How to Use: To be taken 25 ml twice a day with water