‘Double engine failed in Manipur, President’s rule needed’, what the country thinks about Manipur violence, came out in the survey


New Delhi: The situation in Manipur is not hidden from anyone. Due to the ongoing violence for almost 3 months, everything has become chaotic there. The videos are so horrific, painful and shameful that it cannot be said. There is anger in the whole country about this. Meanwhile, an exclusive survey conducted by India’s premier election agency CVoter has revealed that a majority of Indians are of the opinion that the NDA’s double engine government has failed in Manipur. Significantly, most people are of the opinion that there is a need to impose President’s rule in the state to stop the violence that has spread in the state since the beginning of May. 87 percent of the people involved in the survey are in favor of hanging the rapists of Manipur.

People said – double engine government has failed
During the CVoter survey, it was asked that do you think the violence in Manipur reflects the complete failure of the BJP’s double engine government in the state? Overall, around 57 per cent respondents answered in the affirmative, while around 30 per cent disagreed. Significantly, even a large proportion of respondents who support the NDA say that the double engine government has failed. 58 percent also believe that the BJP and the central government are failing to stop the violence in Manipur due to political reasons.

87% people in favor of death penalty for rapists of Manipur
During the CVoter survey, it was asked that during the violence in Manipur, some horrific videos of brutality and gang rape of women have come to the fore. According to you, should the culprits of such acts be punished with death? A vast majority of respondents, 87 percent, answered in the affirmative, while less than four percent disagreed. In this matter, the opinion of the supporters of NDA and opposition parties is almost the same.

62 percent said – President’s rule should be imposed
It has been found in the survey that about 62 percent of the respondents want President’s rule to be imposed in the state. An overwhelming majority of NDA supporters, 54 per cent, want President’s Rule to be imposed, while less than a third disagree with this argument. The northeastern state has been in the grip of uncontrolled violence since May 3. Members of the Kuki tribe protested when the Manipur High Court ordered that the indigenous Meitei tribe be granted Scheduled Tribe status. The Supreme Court stayed the order and reprimanded the Chief Justice of the Manipur High Court.

Protests by members of the Kuki community in Manipur soon escalated into horrific violence, as militant sections of both communities launched attacks on each other, attacked police posts and armouries, and looted weapons. To make matters worse, women were brutally attacked and gang-raped, leading to outrage and anger across the country. The Supreme Court has taken suo motu cognizance of sexual harassment cases. The monsoon session of Parliament has been disrupted due to the uproar over the issue. So far more than 115 people have lost their lives and more than 600 people have been injured in Manipur violence. Hundreds of people have been rendered homeless due to the fire in their houses.


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