First fined, then case in Gujarat and Bihar… Kejriwal may get trapped in illiterate PM campaign


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been a big agitator. People who are closely or interested in politics know this very well. In the year 2013, his movement against corruption against the then UPA government was in limelight. Social workers Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, poet Kumar Vishwas, former IPS Kiran Bedi, advocates Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan and don’t know how many others joined them in this big campaign. Exactly one year after that, in 2014, the Modi government came and the UPA was badly defeated. The Aam Aadmi Party was born just after his movement. They also tell you the meaning of taking you to the flashback. These days CM Kejriwal has decided to take on PM Modi directly. Then the former Prime Minister was against Manmohan Singh’s government and now he is directly messing with Narendra Modi. Kejriwal has been raising questions on PM’s education from every platform for the past few days. Calling them illiterate. Not only Kejriwal, his party people are also supporting PM’s illiterate statement. They are saying that anyone can say anything to an illiterate PM. This campaign of Kejriwal, who challenges Modi on education, can be a burden on him only. Let’s know how.

2000 note was taken back then told PM illiterate
Delhi CM is not holding back in calling PM Narendra Modi illiterate and uneducated. That too when Gujarat University had fined him, hearing on this matter in Ahmedabad court and a case has also been registered in Patna. When the central government decided to withdraw the 2000 note brought after demonetisation, Kejriwal questioned the education of the PM here too. Having done a press conference, he said earlier that by bringing 2000 note, corruption will stop. Now they are saying that corruption will end by banning the 2000 note. That’s why we say, PM should be educated. Anyone can say anything to an illiterate PM. He doesn’t understand. The public has to suffer.
We don’t want an illiterate country’s PM – Kejriwal
This year it is about the month of April. CM Kejriwal had tweeted questioning PM Modi’s education. He had written that even if we have to spend money to win, we will spend on the education of children. We will give the best education to our children. Tomorrow one of these children will become the Prime Minister of the country. We do not want any illiterate person to become the PM of the country in future. Immediately after this, Kejriwal himself and his party leaders also started a degree campaign.
Degree campaign against PM Modi
CM Kejriwal did not stop here. He also raised questions on PM Modi’s degree. A campaign was also launched demanding to make the PM’s degree public. His party ministers also supported him in this. Aam Aadmi Party leaders started showing degrees in front of the media. In this, two new ministers of Delhi Atishi and Saurabh Bhardwaj had made the degree public. National President of Rashtriya Lok Dal Jayant Singh had also made his degree public. During the interview in a private channel, he had mentioned the old interview of PM Modi. Said that PM Modi himself had said that he is less educated. Although that video was not completely true. It was served half-baked.

Question on PM’s education, on the other hand it is the turn of hearing in the court
Here CM Kejriwal raised questions on PM’s education and degree and on the other side a case was registered against him. After April 15, today i.e. on May 23, Ahmedabad court has once again issued fresh summons to him. Along with Kejriwal, the name of AAP MP Sanjay Singh is also included in this. Both the leaders did not appear in the court on 15 April. Now the court has asked him to appear on June 7. Gujarat University files defamation case against Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh after questioning PM’s degree. Not only this, the university has also imposed a fine on him. Apart from Gujarat, a case has also been registered against Kejriwal in Patna regarding the same issue. A case has been registered against Arvind Kejriwal in Patna court under sections 332, 500 and 505 of IPC. It will be heard on May 25. The petitioner said that the sentiments of the people were hurt by Kejriwal’s remarks.

Lest things turn out like Rahul Gandhi
The way CM Kejriwal is questioning PM Modi’s education, he is putting himself in trouble. The matter is to be heard on May 25 and June 7 in the courts of Patna and Ahmedabad. If the case filed against Kejriwal goes against him, then his credibility will be questioned. If the courts of both the states give the sentence, then this campaign of Kejriwal may also suffer. Not only this, Kejriwal’s condition should not become like that of former Congress MP Rahul Gandhi. In 2019, Rahul Gandhi had to travel from Surat’s Magistrate’s Court to the Sessions Court on the statement containing Modi’s surname. Facing a defamation case, Rahul had to lose his Lok Sabha membership as well. In such a situation, everyone’s eyes will be on the decision to come on 25 May and 7 June.


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