Gary Vaynerchuk Tackles Myths About TikTok, Talent And NFTs

When Gary Vaynerchuk sees an opportunity to build something, he goes all-in. In 1996, that meant helping his dad’s liquor store in Springfield, NJ by creating an e-commerce site called Wine Library. A decade later, he was hosting Wine Library TV, a daily webcast on YouTube.  Armed with marketing and branding expertise, not to mention soaring popularity, he launched an advertising firm called Vaynor Media. That’s been followed by  books, products, new ventures and other companies—some of which now fall under the umbrella his holding company, VaynerX.

Gary Vaynerchuk knows how to scale a brand.

In this episode, the second in our Scale Up series, Vaynerchuk shares insights about how to navigate new platforms and perils as you aim to scale up your brand. Whether it’s your personal brand or your professional one may not matter as the core elements of brand-building are similar, if not the same.

Amid the timeless tips and anecdotes on lessons learned, Vaynerchuk is focused on something distinctly new: Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. For those who don’t understand the business case for NFTs, Vaynerchuk has two words: consumer blockchain. Tune in to see more.

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