Know the full story of how Murkutdoh Police Camp uprooted Maoists from Central India

New Delhi: The tri-junction of Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh was never less than a paradise for the Maoists. Maoists used it as a transit corridor to carry out their anti-national activities. But the joint team of the police forces of the three states situated near this tri-junction destroyed all their intentions. To thwart all their plans, a police camp was built at Murkutdoh, 60 kilometers away from Gondia area of ​​Vidarbha, Maharashtra. This is the only camp in the country where police forces of all the three states Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh have been deployed. The police force deployed in this camp proved to be a disaster for the Maoists. It was formed in 2019 to uproot the Maoists from central India. Today we will tell you about this Murkutdoh police camp and the Maoists who were badly affected by it.

Know about Murkutdoh Camp
Murkutdoh base camp was built in the year 2019, 60 km from Gondia in North Vidarbha. On one hand this camp was to be built and on the other hand the countdown of Maoists from central India had started. As soon as this camp was formed, the Maoists got a big blow for the first time. These police personnel destroyed the corridor connecting the Abujamadh headquarters located near the Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border with the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Let us tell you that reaching the Abujamadh headquarters was also a difficult task. At the same time, the permanent deployment of security forces near this tri-junction also failed the Maoists’ Red Corridor plan passing through the axis of Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Gondia SP Nikhil Pingale said that due to the Murkutdoh camp, prompt action is taken on inputs received from all the three states regarding Maoist activities. He further informed that it also saves the time spent in inter-state coordination. Before the formation of this unified camp, Maoists used to easily migrate from one state to another in view of the danger of security forces. But after the formation of a police camp in Murkutdoh, the Maoists have suffered a major setback.

how to make people feel safe
Murkutdoh Police Camp comprises Hawk Force from Madhya Pradesh, District Police from Chhattisgarh and C-60 Commandos and Gondia District Police from Maharashtra. A joint team has been formed with the help of the police force of these three states. Its responsibility is in the hands of Dinesh Bagul, Assistant Police Inspector of Maharashtra Police. The soldiers involved in this team come from diverse cultures and speak different dialects but all are united in the mission of eradicating red terror. After the establishment of this camp, Maharashtra got the first benefit. Last year panchayat elections were held here in which 70 percent voting was done. Whereas earlier in the years 2005, 2009, 2014 and 2019 there were problems during elections. During that time not a single person voted due to the terror of Maoists. In 2005, two officers and 8 jawans posted on election duty were killed by Maoists. And in the year 2019, the polling booth was kept at Dhanegaon, 13 km from Murkutdoh. But fearing Maoists, no one came to vote. Villagers told that there was a time when Maoists used to cross the village without any fear and they also had camps but after the construction of this police camp, we feel more secure.

How the police camp destroyed the plan of the Maoists
An official told our colleague Times of India that the Maoists used to hold meetings in the villages but used to run away as soon as they came to know about the security forces. At the police camp, Sub-Inspector Chandreshkher Patel, in-charge of Madhya Pradesh’s Hawk Force, told that no one has died in this force formed against the Maoists. Dinesh Bagul, who commanded the entire team, told that the Maoists used to enter from Lendhijhari forest in Madhya Pradesh and pass through Murkutdoh via Bagnadi in Maharashtra and Katema area of ​​Chhattisgarh. Here he used to get military help.

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Bagul told that we stopped the military aid they were getting. To stop this, near the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border, we conducted an operation along with the CoBRA battalion. The local person said that the Maoist leaders were preparing to withdraw again but the jawans deployed near Murkutdoh pushed them back.

Local intelligence department played an important role
The activities of the Maoists were monitored from the Murkutdoh camp. Areas like Lodhewadi, Laxman Jhala, Tekajhari, Darekasa and Dandari Jharan were Maoist strongholds. The Maoist organizations formed there like Platoon 55, Darekasa Dalam, Tanda Dalam and Malajhakand Dalam spread terror in the nearby villages. The day starts at 6 am at Murkutdoh Police Camp. After this physical training is done. Twice a day, the number of soldiers involved in the police camp is seen. From this it is known whether any jawan has gone missing. After this, the soldiers meet the villagers present there, listen to their problems and also help in solving them. The meetings with the villagers help them plan their operations along with intelligence about the Maoists.

For the operation to be carried out against the Maoists, discussions are held with the officers of the three states first. After this, the responsibility of the operation is in the hands of Additional SP Ashok Bhankar of Deuri’s Operation Cell. Dinesh Bagul told that not only this, sub-inspectors Ravindra Khamgar, Dnyaneshwar Kaynade, Parameshwar Daverao of Maharashtra Reserve Police Force, Hawk Force sub-inspector Chandrashekhar Patel from MP and assistant sub-inspector Jivraj Rawate from Chhattisgarh are also involved in this operation. Sandeep Patil, DIG of Maharashtra Police and State Naxal Operation Cell, told that the Murkutdoh model should be replicated in other places as well.

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