Mid-air medical crisis: Flyers from Kolkata left stranded on Raipur airfield for 4 hours | News – Times of India Videos


Sep 15, 2022, 06:51PM ISTSource: TOI.in

Around 170 passengers on a late-evening flight to Pune from Kolkata had a distressing experience. The aircraft was diverted to Raipur following a mid-air medical emergency. Later the aircraft had to stay there for four hours because the airline crew had to give away the solitary portable oxygen cylinder to the woman who had suffered a cardiac arrest after the cylinder in the ambulance malfunctioned. Flyers on 6E 476 were left stranded in the aircraft on a desolate airfield from 10.30pm on Tuesday till after 2am on Wednesday.While some staged a demonstration, others went out for a walk. Some even shared their ordeal on Twitter. The pilot later told the passengers that they cannot fly as there was no spare oxygen cylinder.


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