Plastic poetry has come which is very beautiful to look at, but it does not have any fragrance: Poet Anamika

Famous Hindi poetess Anamika is counted among the most popular personality of contemporary Hindi poetry. He has also received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2021 for his poetry collection ‘Tokri Mein Digant: Therigatha’. Rahul Pandey spoke to Anamika about what is happening in the field of Hindi poetry these days, especially what women are doing in Hindi literature. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

We have heard tall tales of your sweet speaking. How do you speak so sweetly? Sugar drinks (laughs)?
There is only one way to bear bitterness, that man should speak a dialect to counter bitterness. How can a man counter bitterness unless he has a hive of honey inside? Then some of us also have the effect of the soil of Muzaffarpur. Everyone in our place speaks comfortably, so one feels like listening to them, and it is not just a matter of sweetness. When you speak in a relaxed manner, you give the other person a chance to speak as well. Now if you speak your heart out loud, neither will anyone listen to it, nor will anyone be able to speak on it.

How do you feel about the current scenario of Hindi poetry? Especially in the last few years, when man was locked in a room and he had to suffer unknowingly or unknowingly…
There are many translations of world poetry and Indian poems available on the Internet. What happens now that loneliness has increased. Man stays on the internet all day in a small room. And you are not from where you are living. Sometimes I got information that someone left, sometimes I lost my job, sometimes my love broke. How are you facing such big accidents in your small room? Today in the city no one has time to see eye to eye or speak directly, so poetry helps a lot. When there is no human being on whose shoulder you can cry, you read poems on the internet, it gives you support. When a man is all alone, he takes the help of poetry, and poetry condenses your loneliness, your wholeness, into a small space. So what happens if my loneliness comes face to face with your loneliness, then the loneliness of both together form an alliance and the loneliness goes on disappearing.

This is a matter of youth. But you are yourself in this scene, there are many other people who are writing. How are they writing? What quality is emerging in the new Hindi literature?
You will read many poems in such a way that it will seem that it is a translation of something. There are many poems on the internet, in such a way, instead of writing poems related to your soil or experience, you know how to write poems on their model, whereas experience is not readymade, is it? Poems are only good which come out of their own soil and experience. Some write from their own experience, but there are others who only write in fashion.

How to recognize people who write in fashion?

If you read the poem out loud, the sound will descend within you. Something will remain within you, be it the imagery of the poem or the rhythm. Forget everything for a while and think alone whether something returned to you after reading the poem or not? If something is left inside you, then understand that the poem was good. Fashion poems have beautiful words, but they are like plastic roses. It’s filled with plastic words, so when you read it, you get nothing.

Does it mean that plastic poetry has now appeared in Hindi literature?
Yes, the poetry of plastic has arrived. It is very beautiful to look at, but it does not have any fragrance. Poetry is enriched by experience, due to which it seems that this poem is only on me, it is my story. They don’t have that experience, that’s why such poems don’t seem like their own.

These days there is a lot of debate on mother tongue and Hindi language. What do you say?
The guiding language has been Hindi. It was given the status of Sutradhar language because all the politicians used to speak in it. Even today the character of Hindi is such that it translates the most in Indian languages. He has no friction with anyone. She is the youngest daughter in Indian languages, she comes and goes in all. And mother tongues are grandmothers of Hindi, and Hindi is our mother. What kind of quarrel between grandmother and mother, that is a relationship of love. In Hindi, all words have been placed on an equal footing, be it Tatsam, Tadbhava or Deshaj.

Why are women not in the field of criticism? Why is there a need in criticizing them?
Who takes women seriously? It is not that they cannot criticize, but there is no trend of uniting women intellectually. People think that she has passion, that’s why she will write poems and stories, but where will she be able to think? That’s why even if she writes, she writes reviews. They are left after writing a book review. The way the language of poetry and story has changed, then the language and method of criticism will also have to change. In other languages, be it Marathi or Malayalam, there are plenty of female critics. There is a Hindi, which does not have

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