Rahul Gandhi talked about ‘Mike bandh’ in London, but the story of his presence in Parliament is something else?

New Delhi: When Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that the mike of the opposition members was switched off in London, the politics in the country got heated. The BJP attacked strongly. Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Rahul Gandhi has forgotten all dignity and democratic shame by criticizing India from foreign soil. He alleged that the Congress leader had asked America and Europe to interfere in India’s internal affairs. Rahul told British MPs in London that even debate on issues is not allowed in Parliament. The BJP retorted that the former Congress president was completely in the grip of Maoist thoughts and anarchic elements. When the discussion on Rahul’s allegations intensified in India, Kanchan Gupta, senior advisor to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, put forward some figures. In a series of tweets, he said that Rahul Gandhi has made baseless claims of silencing the opposition in Parliament because of his poor performance as a parliamentarian and poor attendance. He raised many questions on Rahul Gandhi while comparing him with the MPs of Kerala state. He wrote that Rahul Gandhi’s attendance in the House is even less than the Kerala state average and much below the national average.

1. What is the presence of Rahul in the House?
Kanchan Gupta has shared five screenshots. In this, he has put the performance in the Parliament at number one. In this, Rahul Gandhi’s performance has been compared with the national average and state average. This shows that the Congress MP’s attendance was 52% as against the national average of 79% and the state average of 84%.
2. Rahul Gandhi did not attend the entire session
Not only this, Kanchan Gupta wrote in front of the figures of Rahul Gandhi’s last few Parliament sessions that the Congress leader did not attend two sessions in the recent years. Yes, Rahul has 0% attendance in Winter Session 2022. This was the situation in the monsoon session 2020.

3. How many debates did you participate in?
On an average, Indian MPs participate in 41 debates. The state average is 68.2 but Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi’s score is only 6.
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4. How many questions did Rahul Gandhi ask?
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has asked 92 questions in Parliament between 2019 and 2023, according to information shared by advisor Kanchan Gupta. You will be surprised to know that the average of MPs of Kerala is 216 and the national average is 163.

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Rahul Gandhi and the national average.

5. Private Member Bill Zero
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi did not introduce a single private member bill. Kerala’s average is 3.7 and the national average is 1.2.

Kanchan Gupta wrote in a thread that all these data are publicly available. He said, ‘The lie of Rahul Gandhi is also caught by these figures that the opposition has been silenced in the Parliament of India, the opposition is not allowed to raise issues, the opposition cannot ask questions. Rahul Gandhi should stop defaming India from foreign soil.

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In the end, he wrote in a tone of taunt that Rahul Gandhi is like that child in school, when the teacher asks where is your homework, he comfortably says that the dog ate my homework.

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